How To Organize Items In A Self-Storage Unit

Posted on: 9 February 2016

When you get a self-storage unit and begin placing items inside, you might quickly discover that when it comes time to retrieve something, you have to move nearly everything out of the way just to get to that item. You can prevent this issue by keeping the unit properly organized. Here are some tips to do that.

Organize Boxes Before Storing Them

The reason self-storage units often get disorganized is because you are in a hurry to get these items into the storage unit, especially if you are in the middle of moving house. You might just put the boxes in the storage unit as they come off the truck, without really paying attention to what is going inside. Since you want the heavier boxes and items on the bottom for proper stacking, you should organize them either when you are putting them in the truck or before placing them in the storage unit. When loading the truck, put the lighter items in first, so that when moving them out of the truck, the heavier and larger items come out first.

Utilize Furniture Being Stored

A good way to keep the storage unit organized and easily find things you need is to make use of the furniture you are storing. For example, if you are storing an old work desk in the unit, place all your computer monitors, towers, keyboards, and old hard drives on top of the desk. You will know that all computer items in the unit are stored on the desk. You can also store smaller items inside desk drawers, on a bookshelf in the storage unit, or inside a dresser or chest of drawers. These all provide additional storage space.

Bring in Wall Storage Tools

Just because your self-storage unit doesn't come with shelves and hooks, doesn't mean you can't add them. Ask the facility about their rules for putting things on the walls. Many of them are completely fine with you adding your own temporary storage tools in the unit as long as you remove them when you are done using the storage unit and are moving out. You can hang different types of shelves to keep electronics and smaller items, making them easier to access. When you are storing sporting equipment like bicycles or snowboards, hooks on the walls are very useful.

Follow these easy tips when you are first moving into your storage unit and you will always know exactly where to find items you need. Check out sites like for information on local storage units you can rent.