2 Tips To Keep You From Pulling Your Hair Out Next Time You Move

Posted on: 17 July 2015

Making a move can be difficult. Between packing, unpacking, and adjusting to a new location, moving comes with a fair amount of stress. If you don't want to become overwhelmed on your next move, here are two tips you can use to help keep yourself more organized.

1. Establish a labeling system for your boxes. 

You will likely have friends and family members helping you move. While many hands make the work go faster, it can be difficult to ensure that boxes get placed in the proper location as they arrive at your new home.

Taking the time to establish a labeling system as you pack can help eliminate the stress of finding specific items once you begin moving. One great way to get organized is to assign each room an identifying number. For example, all boxes packed in the bathroom will be labeled with a number in the 100's, while boxes packed in the kitchen will be labeled with a number in the 200's. Then, make a master list that contains the contents of each numbered box.

Once all of your boxes are moved it will be easy for your helpers to find which room a particular box should be placed in, and you will be able to locate the box containing a specific item by consulting your master list.

2. Follow a strict timeline so you don't put your move off to the last minute.

Finding the will to get motivated when it comes to household moving can be a challenge. Rather than waiting until the last minute and trying to tackle everything at once, it can be beneficial to stick to a strict timeline in the months before your move.

About 6 weeks before moving day you should start asking your friends and family if they will be available to help, and start selling any items you don't want to move. Packing should start about 4 weeks before your move, leaving you plenty of time to get all of your belongings packed properly.

When moving day arrives you will just need to inspect your new property and start moving boxes. Adhering to a schedule will eliminate a lot of the stress that you might feel during a move.

Finding the time to create an organized labeling system and map out a timeline for your move will be essential if you want to reduce your stress levels during a move. These simple tasks will make it easier for you to transition from one property to another without any major problems.