4 Tips For Decluttering A Hoarded Home

Posted on: 6 July 2015

If your friends and family feel that you are on the verge of becoming a hoarder, it might be time to take stock of your possessions and make some tough decisions. There are many reasons for holding onto possessions that you do not need. However, it is important to keep your home de-cluttered. If your space in your home is becoming decreasingly smaller, it is time to organize it. 

Start With One Room

In a rush to get as much done as possible, some people mistakenly try to tackle more than one room at once. If you are trying to organize several rooms at once, it is difficult to gauge your progress. As a result, you could start to feel discouraged and want to quit. However, if you start in one room and completely organize it before moving to the next, you can see your progress and stay encouraged. 

Put Items in a Pile

When you are going through your belongings, a good way to start is by setting up piles. Use one pile for items you plan to keep in your home, another for items you are giving away, and a pile for items that are you are going to place in storage. You can opt for more piles, but try to keep it limited to only a few. The more piles you have, the longer it can take you to decide on where to place items. 

Handle Items Once

When you are sorting items, try to only handle them once during sorting. Once you place an item in a pile, leave it there. Second guessing yourself can lead to hanging onto possessions you no longer need and also slow down the sorting. Do not overthink the process. Try to limit your decision-making on each item to 15 to 20 seconds. If you are dwelling longer on the items, you are probably spending too much time thinking through it. 

Do Not Overload the Storage

Using a self-storage unit like AAA Flying Trolley Self Storage, is a good way to help get rid of some of the items cluttering your home. However, if you are simply moving all of the clutter from your home to the unit, you are defeating the purpose of decluttering your home. Instead of having one location that is cluttered, you could end up with two overly cluttered locations.

There are many other ways that you can declutter your home. Do not be afraid to reach out for professional help if you need to.