Get Ready For Your Piano Move With These Three Tips

Posted on: 14 May 2015

It's a big moment in the life of any musician when a team of moving professionals rings the doorbell to begin the process of preparing to move your piano to its new home. And while you might be tempted to fuss over trying to protect the instrument before the moving team's arrival, put down the tape gun and step away from the bubble wrap. Your team of professionals isn't just there to move the instrument; it will also carefully prepare the piano for the journey. You can, however, do your part to make the process go as smoothly as possible. Clear off the piano, do your best to ensure an unimpeded path to the door and have a few dollars on hand to offer a tip.

Remove the Extras

The top of a piano is a great spot for gathering family photos and other trinkets, so take a few minutes to remove and pack these items before the moving team's arrival. The piano movers will hugely appreciate the instrument being ready for them to get to work, and clearing off the top well in advance prevents you from inadvertently damaging something because you're rushing while the movers wait. The same goes for your piano bench if the movers are dealing with it -- empty out the sheet music, song books and accessories so it'll be ready to go. While you're at it, it wouldn't hurt to grab a rag and give the top of the piano a quick dusting before the team arrives.

Clear a Path

Regardless of where the piano is located in your home, do your best to figure out which door the movers will use and then get busy removing obstacles that sit between the instrument and the door. Relocate not only bulky obstacles, but also objects that could pose a safety hazard, such as area rugs. The instrument's bulk and its fragile nature combine to make moving the piano a carefully orchestrated task, and the last thing the moving team needs to worry about is stepping on your pet dog's inflatable toy on the way to the door.

Consider a Tip

When you book a team to move your piano, it's perfectly acceptable to ask the company if movers can accept tips. If the answer is yes, it's proper etiquette to tip each member of the moving team at the completion of the job. A general guideline is $20 to $40, but the exact amount you give depends, in part, on the difficulty of the job. If the company doesn't accept tips, a simple way to show your appreciation is by offering the movers a cold drink.