How To Get A Storage Unit Ready For Winter

Posted on: 27 April 2015

In the winter a storage unit can get quite cold and you run the risk of having items freeze in extreme temperatures. When you have valuable items contained inside the unit you need to try and control the temperature to prevent things from freezing. Here is a couple simple tips on how to weather proof you storage unit.

Seal The Gaps

A gap in your storage locker door can let in cold air and if the temperatures reach extreme temperatures then there is the potential for your items to freeze. Sealing up the gaps will stop cold air from coming into the unit and can be done with simple weather sealing you can buy at your local hardware store. Grab a canister of weather seal and peel caulking, a caulking gun, and then apply a line along all cracks to seal. The weather seal and peel caulking can then be peeled off once the warn weather hits and it will not damage the unit itself or leave residue after it has been applied.

Insulate The Door

The door to the storage unit can be insulated with reflective foil insulation that is quite flexible and will keep the door protected from the extreme cold. To put up the reflective foil insulation on the door, measure it to the correct size and cut each piece to fit. Place each cut piece inside the interior of the door frame and attach it to the door using aluminum foil tape to hold it securely in place. You can then put up a sheet of plastic vapor barrier over the insulation as another added layer of protection. Make sure that the door can still open and close properly with the insulation in place. Make sure that you can remove the insulation without damaging the door and never attach insulation or anything to the door permanently, as you could incur penalties from the storage provider.

Install Flood Stop

When the snow melts there is the potential for water to leak into the unit and gets the contents of the unit wet. Installing a rubber flood stop will create a watertight seal between the door and the floor of the unit that will prevent water from moving into the unit. To install the flood stop, simply peel off the back of the side of the stop that has an adhesive strip on it and then line it up with the door and secure it in place on the floor.

Following the tips outlined above will warm up your storage unit and keep the items inside the unit a few degrees above the temperature outside the unit. If you have further questions or concerns about the temperature inside the unit you should consult with a local storage unit provider (such as Northgate Mini Storage) to inquire about temperature controlled storage units.